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Func Mousepad Roundup Review

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I would like to thank IndiWEB for supplying the Func mouse pads. IndiWEB is the official european distributor for the entire func lineup among other things. The company about page reads as follows:
"WE SUPPORT YOUR SKILL" - this slogan describes our goal. We offer specialized equipment for gamers and professional users to support their pc-skills at best. Many years of experience in this area enable us to focus on the high individual requirements of users. We have a wide range of specialized products in stock in order to fulfill these demands.
Func was founded back in 1999 by a group of dedicated gamers. Ever since their first mat they have continued to push the envelope in terms of glide and precision that you can get from a mouse mat. What sets Func industries apart from many other pad makers is their scientific approach on how to make a mat. This shows in all of their product-lines, i.e. they actually list the roughness scale of the mat (R value). The R value is calculated through an algorithm that incorporates both the distance between peaks and the height of them. This is quite useful in the sense that you can always objectively compare roughness and glide between all of the Func mats.

Func is known to produce some of the best mats for medium to high sensitivity gamers due to the integrity of their surfaces. I will be taking a look at both high sensitivity performance and low sensitivity performance on all of the surfaces.

This review covers the entire Func product line up. I have been so fortunate as to get these products from IndiWEB: Func surface1030, Func 1030 Archetype, Func F30.R, and last but not least some Func antifriction liquid.


Func surface1030

This mat comes in an aluminum case embossed with the Func logo, this is a neat feature because it makes the mat much easier to transport to LAN parties for example. All Func mats also come with a cord-clip for organizing your mouse cord. The cord-clip for the surface1030 is made of metal and slots into a dent in the soft rubber base of the mat.

Func 1030 Archetype

As with the ordinary 1030, the archetype comes in a stylish aluminum case, also embossed with the Func logo. This newer version of the 1030 mat comes with a plastic cord-clip which clicks onto the hard plastic base of the mat.

Func F30.R

This plastic mat comes in a transparent plastic case that allows you to examine and feel the surface before you open the package.

Func Antifriction Liquid

This little innovation comes in a standard blister pack. The liquid can be used to obtain a better gliding experience from both mouse feet and mats. It can be applied to any hard mat and all types of mouse feet.

That little drop is enough to cover the entire mat in antifriction liquid.
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