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Func MS-3 Mouse & 1030XL Mouse Mat Review

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Func has been around the gaming scene for many years, and they are finally coming out with new products. The new MS-3 mouse features a very ergonomic design with a few extra buttons that could come in handy in a lot of new games. Alongside the release of the brand new MS-3, they are also adding to their 1030-series mouse mat range with the introduction of the 1030XL.

Besides what looks to be a very ergonomic design, the MS-3 is equipped with the Avago ADNS-9500 series laser sensor which has become slightly obsolete ever since the introduction of the 9800-series sensor; however, the only difference between the two in terms of tracking performance is that the 9800-series has 2600 DPI more.

The 1030XL is, of course, a double-sided mouse mat. It features a smooth and rough surface Func likes to refer to as F10.s and F30.r respectively. The new version ditches the cable management and those funky colors of the original in favor of a normal black finish.


Technical Specifications

  • MCU/Processor: WT6573
  • Switches: Omron
  • Sensor: Avago ADNS 9500
  • Memory: 512 kB of onboard memory
  • Resolution: 90-5670 DPI
  • Frames per second: 12 000
  • Tracking speed: 5.1 m/sec (150 ips)
  • Max Acceleration: 30 g
  • Image processing: 10.6 megapixels/sec
  • Report rate: Adjustable up to a maximum of 1000Hz
  • Lift-off distance: Adjustable
  • Upgradable firmware: Yes
  • Connection: Goldplated USB (2 m braided cable)

Dimensions & Weight

  • 126.92x100.69x42.38mm / 4.99x3.97x1.69 inch
  • Net weight: 127g / 0.28lbs.
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