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A Closer Look

Taking a closer look at the radiator, G.SKILL has obviously done a few things differently. The 360 mm radiator looks like a plain aluminium offering at first glance, but does in fact have far more coolant pipes, and the fin density is also unexpectedly high at 22 fins per inch. When it comes to the tubing, it is 420 mm long and has an inner diameter of 8 mm. As for its appearance, the tubing sticks with the familiar braided look. Other than that, what you see is what you get. The radiator is big, it's boxy, and it will do the job just fine.

Unlike the radiator, the pump is quite small, at least for this model. Compared to all-in-one liquid coolers like the EK AIOs, the G.SKILL ENKI feels downright tiny. Granted, that doesn't mean anything in regards to performance, but what such a small footprint does mean is that the pump/block on the ENKI series will not interfere with other components. The pump top is also ARGB illuminated, which is tastefully done. Meanwhile, the copper cold plate is slightly convex and makes good G.SKILL's marketing bullet point. As for the tubing and wiring, their exit is on the same side of the pump. However, the overall range of motion remains quite good. The only issue of note is that the cooler's small cold plate is not going to be a great choice for TR4 setups; therefore, even though our sample supports the TR4 socket, I wouldn't recommend it for systems based on the cold plate's inability to fully cover the IHS of a Threadripper CPU.

The fans in this kit have a maximum RPM of 2100 and a maximum airflow of 93.5 CFM. In regards to visual appeal, you won't find fancy LED rings or strange frames. Instead, G.SKILL stuck with a tried and true square fan design that utilized nine fan blades. This means the fan is not a high static pressure or high airflow fan. A design of this nature typically falls in the middle. It will be interesting to see how these fans perform in the noise tests.
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