G.Skill RipjawsX F3-2133C9Q-32GXH 32 GB PC3-17000 1.6 V DDR3 Review 15

G.Skill RipjawsX F3-2133C9Q-32GXH 32 GB PC3-17000 1.6 V DDR3 Review

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With the first quarter of 2012 nearly over, and the halls of CeBIT empty, this week we take a look at a newer product fresh on the market from G.Skill. The F3-2133C9Q-32GXH is a high-performance, high-capacity dual-channel kit for the most discerning high-end consumer, featuring a blazing fast 2133 MHz speed, and offering an immense 32 GB of total capacity. After 23 years in the business, G.Skill knows its stuff, and while this kit is not one meant to clock to the moon, it has an entirely different take on what it means to be "High Performance". Here's what G.Skill themselves has to say about themselves:

Established in 1989 by computer hardware enthusiasts, G.SKILL is a leading memory & Solid State Drive manufacturer based in Taipei, Taiwan. The company's top priority is quality. All of the products undergo a series of the most rigorous tests and strict quality control processes. In addition to a committed, qualified IC testing house to examine the products, all G.SKILL products are 100% tested to ensure the highest yield, reliability and quality.

I recently covered a different set of quad-channel ram from G.Skill, which can be found here. That kit was definitely one of the better kits I've ever had the pleasure of playing with, so when I was contacted for another review, I jumped right on it. Our rep at G.Skill warned me that this kit may not overclock a lot, but it contained a special surprise, one that I really really never expected, especially considering its intended platforms are P67, and Z68.


SPEED RATING:DDR3-2133 (PC3-17000)
RATED TIMINGS:9-11-11-31
PCB TYPE:8 Layers
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