G.SKILL Trident Z Royal DDR4-4000 CL17 2x8GB Review 16

G.SKILL Trident Z Royal DDR4-4000 CL17 2x8GB Review

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The G.SKILL Trident Z Royal is designed from the ground up to feel like a premium product, and the packaging reflects that. The satin black box wrapped in a cardboard band holding it closed is emblazoned with "G.SKILL Trident Z Royal" in a flowing script.

Underneath the band is a simple G.SKILL logo in silver. The front of the box is otherwise unmarked. The back of the box is nearly as minimalist, featuring the specification sticker and some basic G.SKILL contact information.

Opening up the box reveals the two mirror silver sticks nestled in premium high density foam, along with a microfiber cloth emblazoned with with "Trident Z Royal" and a G.SKILL sticker. I would have liked the sticker to be in a silver style rather than the standard G.SKILL one (much like the design used on the sticker for the sticks I'll show later). I can certainly understand consistent branding though.
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