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Gamesense Meta Review

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Shape and Dimensions


The dimensions already give it away: The Meta is a Zowie S2. The only noticeable difference is the base, which has a much smaller footprint, not just length, but widthwise as well. I'd estimate the base to be roughly 10% smaller than on the S2. While somewhat irritating at first, this is neither necessarily good or bad, but rather just something to get used to. When maneuvering the mouse, one could come to the impression that the smaller base makes the mouse more nimble but less stable, though the lower weight of the Meta may contribute to this sentiment as well. Much like on the S2, the main buttons feature subtle comfort grooves.

As for grip styles, I'd say the Meta mostly suits claw and fingertip grip. It's a medium-sized mouse with a moderately pronounced hump, which should make it generally suit most hand sizes. For reference, my hands are 19 cm long and 10 cm wide, and I found the Meta very comfortable in claw grip.


This table includes the dimensions of the Gamesense Meta and several other ambidextrous mice. "Front height" denotes the distance between the base and main buttons. Measurements with two decimals have been taken with a caliper, while those with one decimal have been taken with a ruler.

Gamesense Meta
MetaXM1rViper MiniBurst ProM42S2
Base Length11.0 cm11.6 cm10.5 cm11.6 cm11.6 cm11.6 cm
Length (including overhang)11.92 cm12.2 cm11.74 cm12.04 cm11.85 cm11.90 cm
Front Height (lowest point)1.3 cm0.9 cm0.9 cm1.1 cm1.4 cm0.5 cm
Height (highest point)3.80 cm3.83 cm3.80 cm3.89 cm3.75 cm3.79 cm
Front Width (widest point)6.13 cm6.16 cm5.91 cm5.83 cm5.74 cm6.09 cm
Back Width (widest point)6.29 cm6.49 cm6.12 cm6.72 cm6.28 cm6.24 cm
Grip Width (narrowest point)5.80 cm6.06 cm5.63 cm5.84 cm5.54 cm5.71 cm

Below are some comparison shots with each of the measured mice:

Endgame Gear XM1r

Razer Viper Mini

ROCCAT Burst Pro

Xtrfy M42

Zowie S2
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