GELID Solutions The Black Edition Review 0

GELID Solutions The Black Edition Review

Value and Conclusion

  • The GELID Solutions Black Edition has an MSRP of $75 and €59.
  • Great cooling performance on overclocked systems
  • Very quiet
  • Clearance for tall memory modules on LGA2011
  • Solid construction
  • Option for third fan
  • Mounting hardware
  • Performance on stock systems
GELID Solutions has done so much right with the Black Edition cooler. Its performance on the overclocked test system is amazing, especially considering its low noise level. At just 45 dBA with 100% fan speed, it placed second in terms of noise. It rivals more expensive coolers like the Corsair H90 while being quieter, which makes it a great choice. The unique fan setup, which had me a bit worried at first, works shockingly well. The option to add a third fan to further improve performance is a nice feature, especially since the metal fan clips have been included in the box. The memory clearance on Intel's LGA2011 platform was also promising as the cooler did not block any of the memory slots on the motherboard, which makes this one of the few AIR coolers without memory clearance issues, at least on that particular platform. The build quality is also very solid. Overall, I am impressed by what the GELID Solutions Black Edition cooler offers.

However, there are a few issues. The mounting hardware, for one. The spring screws have, unlike those seen on Noctua's coolers, nothing to hold them in place, which gives them the tendency to move around or fall over while lining them up to be tightened down. It’s not a huge problem, but it is an annoyance that could have been avoided. The other glaring issue is its less than stellar performance on my stock intel i7 3960X, although it performs well on overclocked systems.

If users want a quiet cooler that performs well on overclocked systems, the GELID Solutions Black Edition is a fantastic option, especially for those seeking silent or near silent operation.