Gigabyte AORUS X5 V7-KL3K3D (GTX 1070) Review 6

Gigabyte AORUS X5 V7-KL3K3D (GTX 1070) Review

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Battery Life

Battery life is tested in a few ways. First, I test by running a DVD version of Ted looped via VLC until the battery dies. NVIDIA's forced use of GeForce Experience tends to limit frames per second to 30 by default via its Battery Boost function. As such, I test with the frame rate limited to 30 and 60 FPS. While this may not have an impact on all units, those with high-end mobile GPUs or dual GPU setups will show a marked difference. For the gaming battery tests, I use Unigine Valley, which is set to run at 1920x1080 with high settings and no anti-aliasing. The final test is PCMark 8 Home Conventional, which measures battery life with the benchmark in a loop.

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