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Gigabyte GTX 980 Ti XtremeGaming 6GB Review

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Mad Max

A modern open-world game imagining of the post-apocalyptic cult-classic, Mad Max presents a richly detailed and hauntingly beautiful depiction of the Wasteland that includes several locations from the original movies. You play as Max, who's just been left for dead, his powerful V8-driven car stolen by local warlord Scrotus, ruler of Gastown. You put together your own "Magnum Opus" with a trusty Wastelander ally and embark on an adventure to retake the Wasteland, one stronghold at a time.

Square Enix studio Avalanche used their own Avalance Engine, which was also used in Just Cause, to bring the Wasteland to life. The geometric and optic effects are lessons in modern 3D design. It takes advantage of DirectX 11 and is fairly heavy on modern high-end GPUs, even if it's well-optimized for mainstream hardware.

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