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Glorious Model O Wireless Review

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Packaging, Weight, Cable, and Feet


Aside from the mouse, one finds a charging cable, wireless extender, wireless dongle, quick start guide, sticker, and card with some words from Glorious' CEO inside the sturdy box.


My scale shows around 69 g (+/- 1 g), which is perfectly in line with the weight cited by Glorious. Remarkably, the Model O Wireless only weighs marginally more than its wired sibling. As far as I can tell, no comprises were made in terms of build quality to achieve that, which is nice to see. Weight balance is excellent as well, so the Model O Wireless feels very light in hand, too.


The Model O Wireless comes with a paracord-like, braided charging cable (USB Type-A to Type-C). An anchor at the mouse-end of the cable ensures the cable not coming loose during use. In terms of flexibility, this one is easily as good as the regular "Ascended" cable on the latest Glorious wired mice. Accordingly, the Model O Wireless can be used as if it were a wired mouse with barely if any perceivable difference in terms of handling. Its measured length is 2 m. The cable has a ferrite bead attached, which reduces signal noise, as well as a gold-plated USB connector.

The charging cable also functions as an extension cable if used in conjunction with the wireless extender. The wireless extender can be used to keep the distance between dongle and mouse as short as possible. Since the mouse itself lacks a storage compartment for the dongle, the extender can also simply be used as something to attach the dongle to, which reduces the likelihood of the dongle getting lost when traveling.


The feet on the Model O Wireless are white-dyed pure PTFE (Teflon) feet with slightly rounded edges. They are of above average thickness and glide incredibly well. Size and shape are identical to those of the regular Model O.
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