Glorious 3XL Extended Mouse Pad Review 8

Glorious 3XL Extended Mouse Pad Review


Value and Conclusion

  • The Glorious PC Gaming Race 3XL Mouse Pad is available for $39.99 (black) and $41.99 (stealth logo and white).
  • Smooth, even surface
  • Stitched edges
  • No tracking issues
  • Good build quality
  • Two color variations
  • Machine washable
  • A bit smelly at first
When you call your company Glorious PC Gaming Race, you really need to show that your products hit a certain level or it's otherwise quite a hypocritical name. Fortunately, this company has nothing to be ashamed of; at least when it comes to mouse pads they certainly don't.

The surface is made out of micro-woven cloth, which is quite similar to the one on the standard SteelSeries QcK models, and nearly identical to the Dream Machines DM pads. This makes it a moderately fast mouse pad, but with enough stopping power to control your flicks. I tried to find some negatives while reviewing this mouse pad, but I just could not. If I wanted to nitpick real hard, I would say that the rubber backing could be a tad stickier, but this will only affect smaller models—the 3XL is so massive that it just cannot move around on the desk.

There is always a chance of getting a product that has some sort of an issue, and the Glorious mouse pads are no exception. Getting a mouse pad with an abnormal bump, scratch, or any other damage out of-the-box is naturally something you can open an RMA case for. As for the part that sticks out of the stitching along the edge of my copy, it's not really something I would call an issue as it doesn't affect performance by any means and can be trimmed at home with a pair of sharp scissors.

As for pricing, there are standard 450 mm x 400 mm or smaller mouse pads out there that cost this much or even more. I think it's quite obvious that the 3XL is a huge bang for the buck at less than $40. The company's smaller mouse pads are in the same boat; they offer great value for their price. Glorious PC Gaming Race stayed true to their original goal of providing good quality for a low price compared to the competition.

I would gladly and wholeheartedly recommend the Glorious 3XL—and all other Glorious PC Gaming Race mouse pads—to anyone who needs such an enormous, extended mouse mat. The 3XL is uniquely big; as far as I know, there are no other commercially available mouse pads with these dimensions, and it does the job absolutely perfectly. Stay tuned, Glorious will soon release their first gaming mouse I will review as well!
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