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Glorious 3XL Extended Mouse Pad Review

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Glorious PC Gaming Race was formed in 2014 by a few passionate PC gamers who were fed up with low-quality, yet ridiculously overpriced gaming-related products. They mainly offer mouse pads (especially focusing on extra large, extended ones, like the one in the review) and keyboard wrist rests, but lately, they have released the world's first commercially available modular-switch mechanical keyboard. If you ask why anyone would need an extended mouse pad, the answer is quite simple as you can put your keyboard on it too, not just the mouse, which can give your desk a cleaner, more sleek look—it also tends to dampen keyboard noise. In this article, I'll show you the 3XL, which is the largest available mouse pad from Glorious, being over 120 cm wide and 60 cm tall. It definitely requires a large desk to put on. It comes in three color variations: black surface with white or black logo and white surface with black logo.


Many still don't realize how much of a positive impact a good mouse pad can have. If you really dig deep into mouse-pad theory, you will soon find out that it is an extremely intuitive and divisive topic. A casual user most probably won't care much about all the different kinds, but if you are a hardcore gamer or maximalist—or both—then you will want the best one for your needs. There isn't such a thing as the objectively best mouse pad because such differences can be subtle; however, they can be ridiculously huge as well.


Glorious 3XL Extended Mouse Pad
Surface Material:Micro-woven cloth
Base Material:Non-slip rubber
Dimensions:1220 mm x 610 mm x 3 mm
Dimensions (inches):48" x 24" x 0.12"
Packaging:Rolled up
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