Glorious Model O Mouse Review 31

Glorious Model O Mouse Review


Value and Conclusion

  • The Glorious Model O mice are available for $49.99 (matte) or $59.99 (glossy).
  • Excellent choice of materials
  • Different surface-treatment options
  • Comes in two colors
  • Fantastic sensor performance
  • Great buttons and scroll wheel
  • Nice-looking RGB lighting
  • Ultra-flexible cable
  • Fantastic pure PTFE mouse feet
  • Very lightweight software
  • No replacement mouse feet included
  • Sides can flex inward with high pressure
Glorious PC Gaming Race plans to release four products under the O.D.I.N line, with the Model O being the first of the series. It was introduced about half a year ago, and its target audience was extremely hyped about it given it has just the right specs for mouse junkies. Of course, people are different and have distinct preferences, so the Model O won't suit everyone, just like with any other mouse out there. That said, it's an ambidextrous mouse with side buttons on the left side only, meaning right-handed people will probably find it more appealing. It has a very low profile, but is rather long, featuring a similar shell to the widely-known Zowie FK1. As for the surface, the mouse is available in black and white, both in glossy and matte coatings, which is a fantastic touch if you ask me.

Build quality is nearly perfect. However, the sides can flex inward if you press on to them with great force—I wouldn't recommend this product if you are prone to destroy gaming equipment in tense situations. However, if you're a more relaxed individual, you won't have any issues with the build quality. Everything else is perfect, and aligned well; no squeaking, creaking, or rattling anywhere.

Buttons are quite fantastic on the Model O. All are very nice and tactile; even the scroll wheel and its middle click are nice and crisp. The main switches are Omron D2FC-F-7N models with a nominal 20 million click-rating, but of the OF-marked variant, which tend to have a higher life expectancy. Click latency is also highly competitive at 4.1 ms after you set the debounce time to the lowest available value in the software.

Sensor performance is stellar, just what you would expect from a PixArt PMW3360 tracking unit. It provides raw, responsive feedback with zero added acceleration and has extremely high perfect control speed, which means it won't spin out during fast swipes. I noticed no anomalies whatsoever during the synthetic tests and some hours of CS:GO, Quake Champions, and Overwatch. One thing of note is that the sensor has minor smoothing on and above 2,100 CPI, so if you are playing competitively, it's best to stay below that value.

Mouse feet are among the best stock models around—these G-Skates pure PTFE skates glide in an amazing fashion. They need some time to break in, but are extremely smooth and fast once they have. Out of pure PTFE without any additives, these feet will last a lot longer than most layered plastic feet that can be found on the greater majority of gaming mice. The cable is also one of the best factory stock cables I have ever encountered. Glorious calls it "ascended", and quite frankly, it lives up to its name: it's extremely flexible and generates pretty much zero drag resistance—the mouse almost feels wireless because of it.

As far as the software goes, it's very lightweight and perfectly usable, featuring a lot of customization—this is what I like to see in a driver for a gaming device. If you would like to, you can simply delete it after setting everything up since the mouse stores the settings. Naturally, there is RGB lighting involved, and you can select up to eight different effects to light up on the three lighting zones of the mouse. All effects also look nice—colors are vivid and the lighting is bright.

At $49.99 for the matte models, this mouse is of extremely good value—but again, it's not for everyone. Also, I find the 10 extra bucks for a glossy finish a bit harsh, but it's understandable as I'm sure it won't sell as well as the matte versions, but is more expensive to produce. While the sub-$50 price region has a ton of competitors, for a true mouse enthusiast none can compare to the Model O—it's nearly perfect in an objective way. It's also worth mentioning that some mice that cost twice as much have inferior properties as they are of worse build quality and use a lesser sensor and buttons, and there are definitely not many mice out there with such an amazing cable and skates. If you find the shape comfortable and the specifications appealing, the Model O might be an ideal companion for your PC-gaming adventures, and I can wholeheartedly recommend giving it a shot.
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