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GreedFall Benchmark Test & Performance Analysis

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GreedFall is a fascinating and socially-relevant action RPG by Focus Home Interactive, and developed by Spiders Game Studio. Its plot is set in the pre-industrial 17th century in which five nations modeled after real-world colonial powers discover a new island full of treasures, magic, and monsters, and vie for colonizing it. The protagonist arrives on the island and completes missions for the various colonial factions, or their main "adversary"— the native elves—all while trying to find a cure for a plague-like illness threatening to extinct the world.

The game has a historically accurate art design for the period, down to early firearms, swords, and frilly costumes. Since there are also magic, elves, pirates, and treasures involved, it retains a visually rich fantasy aesthetic. As an RPG, GreedFall has strong combat, character development, crafting, roleplaying (dialog, diplomacy), and stealth gameplay.

Based on the in-house Silk Engine by Spiders, GreedFall takes advantage of DirectX 11 and is taxing on your machine, although it has its moments with some stunning scenery due to pre-baked lighting and geometry. In this review, we put it through our collection of 23 graphics cards across three key resolutions—1080p, 1440p, and 4K Ultra HD—to show you what you need to get this engaging RPG title on the road.
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