Head-Direct HiFiMAN RE-242 Earphones Review 15

Head-Direct HiFiMAN RE-242 Earphones Review

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Head-Direct earned its stars back in the day by producing some very well performing in-ears that were budget friendly. Today we will be taking a look at the brand new HiFiMAN RE-242s in-ears which we first noticed at this year’s CES. The RE-242s are the new entry level in-ears from Head-Direct slotting in just beneath the somewhat odd RE-252s. Despite the relatively high model number these in-ears will retail for a very budget friendly $25 for the version without microphone and around $30 for the model with. The real innovation behind the RE-242 design is a brand new dynamic driver designed and manufactured by Head-Direct. Measuring in at only 6 mm across this dynamic driver has a footprint like that of a big balanced armature, which is very small. The micro driver allows for the in-ears to be very small. They are similar in size to that of the Klipsch X5s.


  • Efficiency: 103 dB/mW
  • Impedance: 16 Ohm
  • 6 mm Dynamic Driver
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