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HiFiMAN RE800 In-ears Review

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HiFiMAN's in-ears have always pushed great sound quality at a price that left many bigger companies struggling to compete. Today, we take a look at a new high-end offering from HiFiMAN. It is dubbed the RE800 and features a brand-new driver from HiFiMAN, as well as a new exterior design. The new HiFiMAN dynamic driver, which debuts in the RE800 and RE2000, features a topology optimized diaphragm and is new from the ground up.

Topology optimization of the diaphragm has, according to HiFiMAN, allowed them to bring down distortion figures; this is done by better controlling unwanted modes. While topology optimization is not exactly new, HiFiMAN has been rather novel in their approach to its application by leveraging the processing knowledge and ideas from the owner's own research. It seems the HiFiMAN approach relies on depositing several layers of material in different shapes on an already formed diaphragm, which in theory sounds easy, but is hard in reality as you would have to control each layer's thickness on a micron or sub-micron level.


  • 9.2 mm dynamic driver, topology optimized
  • 60 Ohm impedance
  • 105 dB sensitivity
  • Silver-coated copper wire cable, mini-jack to MMCX connector
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