HIFIMAN TWS800 High Impedance True Wireless Earphones Review 0

HIFIMAN TWS800 High Impedance True Wireless Earphones Review

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Packaging and Accessories

HIFIMAN operates a web shop directly; however, this shipped along with another item, so we begin with the product packaging. I just had to go check the TWS600 packaging since there are clearly changes internally, and the same has happened externally with HIFIMAN going with a more monochrome design for the product box this time around. It ships inside a bubble wrapper for protection, and we see the company logo, product name, and salient marketing features along with a render of the product on the front. This continues on the back, but with information specific to the user experience with the TWS800. Apart from two seals on the top and bottom that hold the box together, there is not much to see on the sides.

Remove both seals and the top can be lifted off to reveal the contents inside. There is foam lining on the inside of the top lid too, which helps make for a foam cushion all around the earphones and charging/storage case. The foam is machined to allow cutouts for a snug fit, with space allocated to remove each of the three items. The accessories are found below, including paperwork on the inside of this second layer, consisting of a warranty support document, unfortunately all in Mandarin, as well as a product manual that unfurls to display instructions in both English and Mandarin (online copy here).

The other accessories include a soft fabric drawstring-style bag, which is nice for holding the case with the earphones inside. HIFIMAN also throws in a USB Type-A to Type-C cable for charging the case, which is expectedly short and the basic minimum for TWS earphones today. Both the bag and cable are black, and certainly seem like random OEM accessories as there is no branding.

The ear tips provided with the HIFIMAN TWS800 are interesting, different from others, though similar to what the TWS600 and other HIFIMAN in-ear headphones get. We get a variety of silicone ear tips with flanges of different firmness and size, but also double to triple-flanged tips. This is a first for me with TWS earphones, and certainly makes tip rolling to ensure you get the best possible fit worth the effort. Missing is a decent set of memory foam ear tips, however, especially at the price point of these earphones.
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