HighSpeed PC 'Top Deck' Tech Station large Review 3

HighSpeed PC 'Top Deck' Tech Station large Review

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I would like to thank HighSpeed PC for supplying the review sample.

HSPC is best known for their Tech Station series. The TechStations come in a variety of sizes and colors and can be custom built to your needs such as if you have a phase change cooling unit. The Tech Station allows you to work on your computer and switch out parts with ease. The newest model are the "Top Deck" variants, which can hold the mainboard on the upper shelf. This allows for much easier and faster switching of parts while keeping the drives and power supply on the bottom shelf.

The two pictures below show the difference between the original (left) and new models (right) clearly:

Tech Station highlights:
  • Puts all your PC hardware within easy reach
  • Non-conductive design - High grade polymers - HDPE bench surfaces
  • Heavy-duty construction - Sturdy and stable - Can support over 160+ lbs!
  • Attractive look - High quality materials - Proudly display this test bench
  • Dimensions: 14 x 13 x 13.5
  • Top Deck version puts motherboard on top for frequent builders

Packaging and Contents

The packaging has not changed over the years. The parts of the Tech Station come packed inside a white, square cardboard package. The only notable feature of the package is a white sticker with information on the included station and an additional black sticker to let the buyer know what color is packed inside. Once opened up, the contents of the station can be seen, neatly packed to fit perfectly into the cardboard package. Everything is stored safely and is protected by bubble wrap to avoid any shipping damages.

The included manual has not changed much either. Even though the design of the Tech Station has changed, the pictures in the well written and easy to understand manual have not. This can be the only confusing aspect, as you have pictures of the original Tech Station to illustrate assembly of the Top Deck variant.

The two plastic shelves are of very high quality. The material of these is manufactured using oil as a base and even though the oil prices have been rising steadily, the prices at HighSpeed PC have been constant all this time. If the trend of higher oil prices continues, the price of the Tech Stations may rise as well in the future we were told. A large, heavy duty plastic bag holds all the smaller parts of the Tech Station.

All the components included are of very high quality. You will not find any hollow parts anywhere. All are solid and should be able to hold much more than just a few computer parts. There are two smaller bags with screws and the ATX connection kit as well. This includes two buttons for power and reset, a speaker and two LEDs. All of these functions usually come with a normal computer case and are naturally not available in a traditional fashion with the open station. The included fan is manufactured by Evercool and is of the sleeve bearing kind.
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