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HyperX Alloy Origins 60 Review

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We recently took a look at the HyperX Alloy Origins Core, partly as a break from all the 60% form factor keyboards and to see how the company's Aqua tactile switches were. I mentioned then that the keyboard was not the newest release, and that the Alloy Origins 60 was quite new at the time. It still happens to be a recent release, so back we are again with HyperX. Thanks again to the company for sending a review sample to TechPowerUp!

Part of the Alloy Origins series, the HyperX Alloy Origins 60 is a 60% form factor keyboard in that it keeps the alphanumeric section of a keyboard and only certain modifiers. This was traditionally meant to be an ergonomic solution with the base layer for typing and other layers for the rest. But it appears mainstream companies have seen the increasing market for such small keyboards for a variety of use cases, including gaming, to where this recent entry from HyperX did not surprise me whatsoever. As with other HyperX keyboards released recently, it uses the company's own mechanical switches, too. Let's dig deeper into the features of the keyboard in this review that begins with a look at the specifications below.


HyperX Alloy Origins 60 Keyboard
Layout:60% form factor in a US ANSI layout, other languages based on your region
Material:Aluminium body with ABS plastic lining, PBT plastic keycaps
Macro Support:Yes
Weight:0.78 kg / 1.72 lbs.
Wrist Rest:No
Anti-ghosting:Full N-Key rollover USB
Media Keys:Available as a layered function
Dimensions:106 (L) x 296 (W) x 37 (H) mm
Cable Length:6 ft / 1.8 m
Switch Type:HyperX Red RGB mechanical switches
Backlighting:Yes, 16.8 M per-key RGB lighting
Warranty:Two years
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