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HYTE Revolt 3 Review

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We received the HYTE Revolt 3 in a mid-tower-sized box without much branding except for a little sticker to let us know which version is within the package. Upon opening the cardboard package, it became immediately clear why it was so large. HYTE sent us a special flight case packaged Revolt 3 to look at.

The black case this special edition ships in comes with bulky rollers and a pull-out handle, so you could easily transport this to your friend's house, for example. Also, rolling up with this at a LAN party would certainly draw a bit of attention as well. Our special review sample was unit 210 out of 230. Considering HYTE is sending 200 lucky buyers their order in a case just like this, it stands to reason that 30 samples have made their rounds to media or VIPs on top of that.

Once opened, you are greeted by the case securely held in place with a solid foam block which features the required cutout.

In the rear of the flight case is another cutout holding a special bronze panel you may use to replace the original black one for a splash of color in the chassis.


In case you are opting for the variant with the built-in PSU, you will receive a PSU power cable just as we did. Included are also two covers for the expansion slot, black screws, an audio combo port splitter, and a good number of solid, black zip ties, as well as promotional paperwork and a useful manual for assembly purposes.
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