In Win H-Frame Review 43

In Win H-Frame Review

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In Win packages the H-Frame in a full-color, high-quality cardboard box. On the front is a little teaser along with the product name, while the rear holds an image of the entire case. You will find more specifications on either side of the package. Two carrying holes aid with transportation, which is a welcome sight because the box is actually quite large.

The chassis we got for review had already been unpacked and was displayed at the Caseking booth during Gamescom, which is why the cloth bag was missing. Besides that, two large foam spacers hold the chassis in place and protect it from any damage during shipping.


You will receive a fully featured manual, a sorted set of screws, two foam spacers for PSU installation, and a few zip ties. I would have liked to see more of the zip ties to keep things clean, since the case is open on three sides.
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