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In Win Commander II 750 W Review

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We would like to thank In Win and for supplying the review sample.

It’s common knowledge that whatever is built for military purposes has great durability and long lifespan, since it is manufactured with the highest available standards in order to deal with the very tough conditions on the battlefield. As it seems In Win wanted users to think the same for their Commander PSU series so they made them look like military equipment. The initial Commander PSUs were built by Channel Well Technology (CWT) while the newer Commanders are based on platforms provided by Andyson. To tell you the truth we don't like this OEM change since CWT is a key player in this field while Andyson is known mostly for their low cost and average performing platforms. However we should not prejudge the outcome of this review, since we are still in the prologue and we have eight more pages to the conclusion.

Today’s sample is a Commander II 750W painted in a dark green color, the same hue that is heavily used by the armed forces all over the world. This unit features a semi-modular cabling design, has 80 PLUS Bronze certification, utilizes DC-DC converters for the minor rails generation and is equipped with a 135 mm double-ball bearing fan.

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