Intel Core i5-11400F Review - The Best Rocket Lake 186

Intel Core i5-11400F Review - The Best Rocket Lake

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Unboxing and Photography

The Core i5-11400F ships in a simple paperboard box, with a small cutout to see the processor. The box contains the processor, a cooler, a case-badge, and documentation.

With the 11th Gen Core series, Intel is including its upgraded stock fan-heatsink with all non-K SKUs, Core i5 and upward. These coolers were introduced last year with the 10th generation. The heatsink features black anodized aluminium fins, a solid copper core base plate, and an improved fan. The cooler is rated to handle thermal loads of up to 95 W, which should be just about enough for the non-K processors running at stock speeds.

Processor front view
Processor back view

The processor is based on the same Socket LGA1200 package as 10th Gen Comet Lake and will work on not just Intel 500-series chipset motherboards, but also older 400-series ones, with a BIOS update.

Processor installed in motherboard

Intel's Socket LGA1200 uses the same mounting-hole layout as the older LGA115x configuration, giving you a huge choice in coolers. Just be sure it can handle a TDP of at least 65 W.
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