Intel Core i5-3570K vs. i7-3770K Ivy Bridge Review 110

Intel Core i5-3570K vs. i7-3770K Ivy Bridge Review

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System Setup

Test System
Processor:Intel Core i5-3570K
(Ivy Bridge, 6 MB Cache)
Intel Core i7-3770K
(Ivy Bridge, 8 MB Cache)
Motherboard:Asrock Z77 OC Formula
Intel Z77
Graphics Processors:Evga GTX 680 Classified
Intel HD Graphics 4000 Series
Memory:2x 4096 MB Corsair Platinum PC3-21300 DDR3
@ 2400 MHz 9-11-11-24
Harddisk:Seagate 3500620AS 500 GB
Power Supply:Thermaltake Toughtpower XT 1350W
Software:Windows 7 64-bit Service Pack 1
Drivers:NVIDIA: 310.70 WHQL
Display: LG Flatron E2260" 1920x1080


Overclocking the new Ivy Bridge series is like overclocking a Sandy Bridge CPU.

Like before, the frequency is determined by BCLK (Base Clock) x Multiplier, running at 34x100 MHz for the i5-3570K and 35x100MHz for the i7-3770K.

For our tests, we overclocked by adjusting the multiplier on both processors. The maximum we achieved with the i5 3570K was 4.5 GHz at 1.335 V. The i7-3770K achieved 4.9 GHz at 1.32 V.

As you can see, it is crystal clear that we were not that lucky with our 3570K in comparison to the 3770K, which overclocks better.

In order to be objective though, we kept both frequencies of 4.5 GHz as the maximum for the tests to make sure the clock to clock results would be accurate.

Here is the maximum frequency we got.
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