Intel Core i5-9600K Review 52

Intel Core i5-9600K Review

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A Closer Look

Our sample arrived in a chip-only tray package, so we used stock images for the packaging. The Core i5-9600K ships in a simple paperboard box that packs the processor, some documentation, and a case badge. A stock heatsink is not included.

The Core i5-9600K looks just like any other LGA115x-class mainstream desktop processor made in the past nine years. The processor is compatible with LGA1151 motherboards based on the Intel 300-series chipset.

For its mainstream-desktop processors, Intel has maintained a largely uniform package size for the past decade, dating all the way back to Core "Lynnfield" LGA 1156. The cooler mount-hole spacing hasn't changed. You will be spoiled for choice when choosing a compatible cooler; however, make sure it can cope with at least 95 W TDP. Certain low-profile coolers designed for 65 W or 45 W TDP chips are not recommended.
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