Intel Core i7-10700K Review - Unlocked and Loaded 60

Intel Core i7-10700K Review - Unlocked and Loaded

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A Closer Look

Our Core i7-10700K sample came in a tray-only package. The retail packaging includes no heatsink, which means you'll have to spend more money on buying a cooling solution.

Processor front view
Processor back view

The Core i7-10700K looks like any LGA1xxx processor released by Intel in the past decade. The processor is only compatible with socket LGA1200 motherboards because the position of the round notches has been changed. It will not work with an older motherboard.

Processor installed in motherboard

Luckily, socket LGA1200 retains cooler compatibility with all older LGA115x-series sockets. This means you're going to be spoiled for choice when picking a cooler to go with this processor.
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