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Jays c-Jays Headphones Review

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The Package

The c-Jays ship in a plastic box. You can clearly tell if the unit has been mangled before opening it which is a good thing.

Jays has really gone out of their way to deliver the c-Jays with a decent bundle. If you do not feel sure about how to change pads you can always look in the manual.

You get a thorough bundle with each set of c-Jays. Besides the usual airline adapters you also get a 1/8" to 1/4" converter and a carrying pouch. The foam pads are made in three different designs that alter the sound signature of the headphones to a certain extent, these will be thoroughly examined later on in the review. There is also an extender cable in the bundle this is neat because the cable that is soldered to the ear cups is relatively short.

Closer Examination

The first thing that strikes you when you pull them out of the box is just how tiny these headphones are. They do not feel like a set of semi high end headphones because of their low weight, however, they are remarkably strong compared to the size of the construction. Jays are clearly very fond of the cable, and they have even put a sticker on it. Whether it is a marketing gimmick or an actual improvement over a normal high quality OFC cable has not been tested as this is the first set of headphones with an SGSCC cable.

The ear cups are made of plastic with a gloss finish. They look quite nice, and are small compared that of most headphones.

The driver used in the c-Jays has a diameter of 40 mm. The driver housing is held to the headband with a pivot joint which allows the driver assembly to align with your ears better. The degree of articulation is somewhat limited when using the big foam pads.

I think it is pretty safe to say that the c-Jays can accommodate even the largest and smallest of heads. The size can be adjusted to a great extent as shown on the pictures above.

What makes the c-Jays a bit special is the way you can tailor the sound to your liking by putting on different foam covers. The variation between the three sets of foam pads is huge, both in terms of size and design. The biggest of the pads features a small parabolic cavity in the center and is so large it completely engulfs your ears. The medium sized pads are only a bit larger than the driver assembly, but a lot thicker than the thinnest sets of foam covers.

The quality of the cable is outstanding. The rubber jacket feels solid and the jacks are of a good quality.
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