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JDS Labs Atom DAC+ and Atom Amp+ Stack Review

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JDS Labs had recently re-entered the TechPowerUp review collection with its impressive Element II, a DAC/amp combo I still use from time to time to test different headphones. I had mentioned in said review that the first time we saw the brand here was with the Objective2 line, which is all the more fitting now that we are examining the successor of the Objective2, the JDS Labs Atom standalone DAC and separate amplifier, with the two combined having become one of the most recommended stacks for consumer audio. Thanks to JDS Labs for providing TechPowerUp review samples!

What we are looking at today are recent revision of both, now termed the Atom DAC+ and Atom Amp+. These replace the original duo at similar price points, so this is effectively the current Atom stack from the company. Seen above is what a stack is in this context, this one made up of the very two elements being reviewed. These usually come in the form of similarly designed products, often as a standalone DAC and amplifier, although other elements are occasionally added, such as a pre-amp. The Atom Amp+ behaves as a pre-amp too, so there is a lot to see for both. Let's start with a look at the product specifications below, which I have again taken directly from the JDS Labs product pages since there is much to report. Click on the respective thumbnail twice for the full-size image.


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