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JH AUDIO JH|16Pro Custom In-ears Review

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Behind the company name JH AUDIO is Jerry Harvey. That name might not mean a lot to some people, but those who have been following the in-ear development race over the last couple of years might have come across it from time to time. Jerry Harvey has a long track record of producing some very innovative in-ear designs for Ultimate Ears like the Triple.fi 10 Pro and Super.fi 5 Pro.

Ever since Jerry Harvey stated his own company the world’s audio enthusiasts have been given a few treats. The guys and girls at Jerry Harvey Audio began by ambushing the market with a remarkable new three way six driver design dubbed the JH|13Pro. Not long after the six driver market got a bit more crowded with the arrival of the Ultimate Ears's bid.

Instead of one-upping UE, JH Audio released a new eight driver design called the JH|16Pro. Cramming eight balanced armatures into one in-ear along with a three way passive crossover is no easy feat of engineering. Today we take a long and hard look at what is one of the most expensive in-ears to date, namely the JH|16Pro.


  • Impedance: 18 Ohms
  • Sensitivity: 118 dB @ 1 mW
  • Frequency response: 10 Hz to 20 kHz
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