Kailh BOX Keyboard Featuring New Kailh BOX Hush Switches 10

Kailh BOX Keyboard Featuring New Kailh BOX Hush Switches

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Kailh, or Kaihua as you may also know it, is one of the largest makers of keyboard and mouse switches and encoders today. Officially Dongguan Kaihua Electronics Co., Ltd, the company reached out soon after my roundup of the more popular Kailh BOX switches in a recent keyboard build. It was an interest check to see if I would be interested in doing a similar article using some of the brand's newer enthusiast keyboard switches. That one is still in the works, but then an invite went out to some of the press and distributors about a Kailh press event where a new BOX switch the company was extremely proud of would be revealed. Of course, I could not be there in person given the state of things today, so Kailh was kind enough to send over a whole kit for our examination.

The Kailh BOX keyboard can be seen as a first-party example implementation to serve as a demo for other customers, and such things are not new with the likes of Cherry and Gateron doing something similar whenever there is a major switch release. However, this BOX keyboard ended up a potential retail unit made by Hexgears (Hyeku), whose keyboards we have seen in the past with the Impulse and Gemini Dusk. The focus of this article is not the BOX keyboard itself, but, rather, the all-new BOX Hush switch. An addition to Kailh's BOX Silence switch series, it aims to steal the throne of quietest mechanical switch and caters to those who just find typical mechanical keyboards too loud. The BOX Hush released alongside the equally new Kailh V&S (Vocal or Silent) mouse switch, which Kailh sent in the form of a Hexgears mouse we will briefly examine, too. In fact, given the keyboard and key switches are going to make up the vast majority of this article, let's deal with the mouse right away on the next page and get it over with!
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