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Kingston HyperX Savage 240 GB Review

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With revenue in the multi-billion-dollars range, Kingston is the largest DRAM and flash memory products vendor in the world. While their strongest suit is in memory modules and USB/flash card storage, they are also a major player in the SSD market. HyperX their gamer- and consumer-based brand, we are now reviewing their recently released HyperX Savage SSD.

The HyperX Savage is based on a Phison controller, which is a deviation from the SandForce controllers in previous HyperX SSDs. The SSD uses 19 nanometer flash chips with "Kingston" markings on them. To the best of my knowledge, Kingston doesn't have a 19 nm fab, so these are probably Toshiba chips.

The HyperX Savage comes in capacities of 120 GB ($77), 240 GB ($120), 480 GB ($250), and 960 GB ($570).

Specifications: HyperX Savage 240 GB
Controller:Phison PS3110-S10
Flash Type:Kingston, 19 nm MLC
Form FactorSATA 2.5"
Thickness:7 mm (Ultrabook compatible)
Capacity240 GB (223.6 GB usable)
16 GB additional overprovisioning
Interface:SATA 6 Gbps
TRIM supported:Yes
NCQ supported:Yes
Warranty:3 Years
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