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Kolink Continuum 1200 W Review

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We would like to thank Kolink for supplying the review sample.

Kolink used to mostly deal with coolers because it has strong ties with Noctua. However, a local branch of the company, named Kellytech, was sold to the Caseking group a couple years ago, so now, there are two Kolink companies, one based out of Taiwan and another out of Hungary. The first continues to deal with coolers while the latter offers cases, PSUs, cables, and various peripherals. You will find Kolink's products in Caseking's and Overclockers.co.uk's online stores since it is their house brand.

Kolink's flagship PSU offering is the Continuum 1200 W PSU, and it is based on a quite old Sirfa / High Power platform capable of offering 80 PLUS Platinum efficiency. With this product, the Hungarian company offers something different from the usual budget PSUs it tends to deal with, so it will be very interesting to check on the performance levels their Continuum PSU achieves. With twelve PCIe connectors in total, the KL-C1200PL can support up to six high-end VGAs, while its 135 mm fan uses blades with the golf-ball-effect surface and double ball bearings, which increases longevity. Another interesting feature of this PSU is the exclusive use of Japanese caps, which are much more reliable than Chinese-made caps. With a price close to €225, including 19% VAT, the KL-C1200PL surely isn't all that affordable even though it is still among the lower-priced Platinum 1.2 kW units, and its five-year warranty is definitely a promising sign.
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