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Lamptron Fan Controller Touch Review

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I would like to thank Lamptron for providing the review sample.

Lamptron is a veteran computer accessory supplier with a strong market share in the fan controller department. In the computer realm Lamptron is synonymous with quality fan controllers, however; Lamptron designs additional accessories like LED and CCFL lighting kits, switches, and even remote controls. One of the latest fan controllers released by Lamptron, the Fan Controller Touch was unveiled late last year and has already turned heads as a competitive touch screen fan controller on the market.

Features: (as listed by the manufacturer)
  • CNC milled front panel
  • Clean and streamlined interface
  • Streamlined touch functionality to control your fans
  • Choose between RPM or Voltages and Celsius or Fahrenheit for readout
  • Set the channel in either Automatic or Manual control to control the fans

Connections 6
Power OutputUp to 30W per channel
InterfaceFully touch screen interface
Dimensions148.5mm X 42.5mm X 64.5mm (designed to fit a 5.25inch bay) [5.25x1.67x2.5 in]
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