Leetgion El'Druin RPG Gaming Mouse Review 10

Leetgion El'Druin RPG Gaming Mouse Review

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Leetgion is a brand new company aimed at providing radically different mice to gamers around the world. Leetgion is owned by Thermalright. Known by many for their high quality coolers, Thermalright is not a company completely new to designing stuff for the gaming crowd. The Leetgion El'Druin is a gaming mouse for RPG players. It features a wealth of buttons and has several tricks up its sleeve with a DPI adjustment wheel and a gaming S-Pad on the side. The S-Pad can be assigned to control all sorts of in-game things. Two differently sized palm plates the mouse ships with make the shape of the El'druin customizable. They come in two different colors: black (satin finish) and grey (normal plastic finish).


  • Avago 9500 Laser Mouse Sensor (100 to 5000DPI)
  • Two Made in Japan Omron Micro Switches.
  • One patent pending Omni-Tuner for DPI Micro Tune and profile management.
  • Five-directional thumb SPAD.
  • Twelve fully programmable hotkeys.
  • Four custom profile sets (one default profile).
  • Dual LED lighting cue system for profile and Omni-Tuner Mode indication.
  • Four removable palm plates for adjustable size and grip.
  • Heaven Plate size: L 127mm x W 69mm x H 44mm
  • Inferno Plate size: L 119mm x W 63mm x H 43mm
  • Weight: 120g
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