Lian Li PC-B25FB KingMod Edition Review 4

Lian Li PC-B25FB KingMod Edition Review

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The PC-B25FB comes in the usual, Lian Li style, full color cardboard box. The front features an image of the case, while the side goes into further detail. Caseking has stuck a few stickers on there with the word "gedämmt" which means "insulated". That is the only reference you will find to the KingMod edition on the outside.

Caseking includes a fairly detailed "Why & How" about the sound insulation mod they have applied to the case. It also includes quite a few pointers on how to get the best possible noise reduction, as well as what you have to watch for when going all out and covering every opening of the chassis. I have taken it upon myself to translate it into english. You may download the PDF here.


You will get the usual set of screws, in seperate bags, a single adapter to connect a fan directly to the power supply and the plastic piece to aid in holding loose cables in place. As we will see later on, due to the sound insulation, you will not be able to use this piece. Last but not least, the unique PSU clamp is also part of the B25FB.

CaseKing has also placed four additional sound dampening mats inside the chassis. These are pre-cut and can cover all air vents as well as the front drive bays. That way you can totally encapsulate everything within the chassis, not allowing for any sound to exit the chassis through the fan openings. CaseKing has not applied them inside the chassis as you will need high efficiency hardware to be able to use all of these without the risk of creating a heat bubble inside the chassis and thus reducing the lifespan of the components. All mats are black on one side, about 10 mm thick, and feature a very strong adhesive on the other side. So these are much better than the normal foam mats found in many cheap sound insulation kits.
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