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Lian Li PC-T1R Spider Case Review

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I would like to thank Lian Li and CaseKing for the review sample.

Lian Li is entering the bench table market with a few different models soon. We reported about the traditionally shaped ones, as well as the Spider PC-T1 just last week, during our stay at CeBIT. The PC-T1 supports system board in the mini-ITX form factor. Lian Li and Case King were kind enough to arrange for a sample right away, thus we are proud to present you the first review of the most unique test bench - ever. The unit we got is almost the final version, with most of the features set in stone. Lian Li did mention that they are looking into fitting a normal 5.25 inch bay intstead of a slim-line drive on the PC-T1.

Just like many other Lian Li enclosures, the PC-T1 will be available in black (PC-T1B) and red (PC-T1R). We received the latter one for review.

Packaging & Contents

Due to the fact that this unit is not the final version, we received the testing station in a simple white cardboard box, with one of its main parts included separately. The above picture should give you a good idea about the compact size of the retail package, as all but one part easily fit into the box above. Each piece is separately placed in a plastic bag and all needed screws and small items can be found in a seperate, clear plastic bag. You will most likely receive more accessories with the PC-T1 chassis, which should include zip ties, possibly a mainboard speaker and an instruction manual. The case is nothing any of us are used to in terms of the assembly process and even I had to figure some parts out by trial and error. So, if you have troubles putting together IKEA furniture, then you should get one of your buddies to give you a (hopefully) helpful second pair of eyes.
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