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Lian Li PC-U6 Review

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The Lian Li PC-U6 ships in a compact full color cardboard box with an image of the case on both larger sides of the package. You will find a list of specifications along with a snapshot of the open chassis on the side. Even though the case is rather light and the box fairly small, there are two carrying holes as well.

Due to the unique shape, the Styrofoam spacers have been placed in the front and rear of the chassis. A plastic bag protects the case from scratches during the packing process.


Lian Li has included a few nice extras with the PC-U6. While you get all the usual screws, an USB 3.0 20-pin to USB 2.0 9-pin and an LED lighting strip is also part of the package. You will also receive the usual Lian Li style manual and a few extra marketing flyers.
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