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LiveWires T1 Custom IEMs Review

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LiveWires is a new company which only produces custom in-ear-monitors. Their current model is dubbed T1 and features two balanced armatures. Since the LiveWires T1 are custom in-ears, each pair of earphones look unique and are custom fitted to fit in your ear. With LiveWires you get a lot of color options for both the faceplate and the body.

The first step you must complete in order to get a pair of LiveWires is to get some ear molds done. It is highly recommended that you go see an audiologist to get these made since the home kits are not nearly as reliable or safe.
Ear molds take about ten minutes to make if you go to an audiologist and cost anywhere from $30-100 depending on where you get them done.

What sets the LiveWires in-ear-monitors apart from the competition is the price. Even though they are not exactly cheap they cost way less that the rivals. The going price for a standard pair of LiveWires today is $249 plus the cost of your ear molds. The LiveWires use two balanced armatures and a passive cross over.

Most dual armature custom earphones sell for around $700 so with that in mind the LiveWires are actually to be considered cheap.
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