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Logitech G Pro Gaming Headset Review

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The Package

All peripherals from the G Pro lineup come in a beautiful box, and the G Pro Gaming Headset is no exception. The front of the box depicts a silhouette of the headset, while its rear seemingly only has a couple of inspirational words printed on it: "One Purpose. Play to Win." Only after you look at the rear of the box at a certain angle will you be able to see all of the technical specifications printed on it. What a cool way to peak your interest for the product!

The sides of the box go over the specs in a more obvious way and inform us about the eSports teams and organizations using the "Logitech G" series of products.

Here's what you get inside the box. Aside from the headset and user manual, there's a detachable braided cable, along with a TRRS-to-TRS adapter, detachable microphone, and an extra pair of ear pads. These are an alternative to the "default" ear pads rather than a mere replacement. We'll examine the differences between them on the next page of the review.
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