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Logitech G240 Mouse Pad Review

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The box is already highly unusual as it features a hexagonal shape, although with your usual technical specifications and disposal info, including other information in 18 different languages. A very Logitech G-like color scheme in black, light blue, and white is used, and the contents are the G240 itself and a quick-start guide. Unlike many other mouse pad packages, it doesn't have a small cutout you could use to touch the pad's surface.

Size and Surface

As mentioned in the introduction, the G240 only comes in one size of 340 x 280 mm. This is a popular size, and while it is definitely too small for my needs, most users will probably find it perfect for theirs. It is also only 1 mm thick, making it's extremely thin and flexible, so it's easy to carry around, which is handy if you travel a lot.

Laying out flat is one of the strongest suits of the G240 because it does so almost instantly. This is certainly another perk of it being so thin. While some subtle parts aren't completely flat at first, they disappear within the first few hours of use.

The G240's surface is unlike any mouse pad's surface I have tried so far (but I haven't tried that many as of yet). It's smooth, but more in a velvety than silky way. It definitely feels great to the touch (at least to me as this is highly intuitive). Friction is a tad lower horizontally than vertically, which is very common with mouse pads.

With how it feels to the touch clear, how does the mouse glide on it? For the first time in a mouse pad review, it's difficult for me to answer this question. The glide itself is very smooth, of course, as there are no bumps or uneven areas. But this mouse pad feels unique, and again, I'm pretty sure this is because of its thinness. The swipes just feel faster than they really are. The mouse flies across the material, but it's not uncontrollable at all. I would say it's similar to the standard edition SteelSeries QcK pads in terms of glide, but the whole surface is so different I am having difficulties understanding why. Anyway, it just feels awesome, and I would highly advise trying it, and if you do so, do it on a very flat and even surface because even the smallest bumps underneath can be perfectly felt with the G240.

Unfortunately, just like the SteelSeries QcK pads, the G240 features a raised logo in its bottom-right corner. This is a very annoying feature as mouse movement is disturbed when it touches that area. It's a rubber-like material that interferes with the motion, and I really hope Logitech will consider leaving this element out of their future releases.


As for the backing, the G240 has a fairly average rubber base. It's not the most tacky I've ever encountered, but definitely isn't slippery either. During fast swipes from left to right, it can move around a tiny bit. However, total travel is about 1 mm if not less. Is it a deal breaker? Certainly not for me, but we're all different. I guess this is the cost of the pad being so thin and light, as it doesn't stick to a table as well as bigger, thicker ones.

In this picture, you can see a macro closeup of the texture on the bottom.
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