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Logitech G240 Mouse Pad Review

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While Logitech probably isn't most well-known for their gaming mouse pads, such products from the company certainly shouldn't be ignored. While their gaming mouse pad palette isn't very wide, they do offer a few very viable options. Today, I put the G240 on to the testing table, which is quite an unusual model. A standard-sized mouse pad, it is only 1 mm thick, which is very thin compared to most mouse pads. It is only available in one size of 340 x 280 mm and comes without stitched edges.


Many still don't realize how much of a positive impact a good mouse pad can have. If you really dig deep into mouse-pad theory, you will soon find out that it is an extremely intuitive and divisive topic. A casual user most probably won't care much about all the different kinds, but if you are a hardcore gamer or maximalist—or both—you will want the best one for your needs. There isn't such a thing as the objectively best mouse pad because such differences can be subtle; however, they can be ridiculously huge as well.


Logitech G240
Surface Material:Micro-woven cloth
Base Material:Anti-slip rubber
Size:340 x 280 mm
Size (inches):11.03 x 13.39 "
Thickness:1 mm (0.04")
Edges:Not stitched
Packaging:Rolled up
Warranty:1 year
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