Logitech G602 Wireless Gaming Mouse Review 29

Logitech G602 Wireless Gaming Mouse Review

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The Package

Logitech ships the G602 in a small box that protects the mouse adequately. You can even pop the front open if you want to get a feel for the ergonomics before making the purchase.

The bundle is small and so is the wireless micro dongle Logitech offers for the G602.

Closer Examination

Design-wise, the G602 looks a little spacey, with its many alligator-scale-like thumb buttons. Despite the unconventional look, the comfort level is classic to Logitech, but only in terms of size and grip. This mouse demands that you hold it with a palm-type grip, but you are rewarded with a perfectly placed set of bulges for your hand to relax on.

The sensor is placed dead center, which gives the mouse a neutral handling. Just above the sensor is an on/off switch, which allows you to save the battery for when the mouse is in use. The battery compartment is south of the sensor.

You will find two AA batteries inside the battery compartment, which should give the mouse up to 250 hours of battery life.

Logitech pulled out all the stops to reduce battery drain. You have a polling-rate switch on top; it allows you to dial the G602 down to 125 Hz for regular desktop tasks, where response time is perhaps less important.

Many of you are probably familiar with Logitech's micro adapter. It almost disappears into the USB plug, which is nice. The extender you get with the mouse also allows you to get the mouse as close as possible for optimum transmission quality.

The G602 has a lot of buttons, but all of them are within comfortable reach of your fingers. Every button mechanism performs really well, and even the six thumb-buttons are easy to use.

Logitech's new designs are definitely interesting and more aggressive than what we are used to. The G602 looks good, albeit a bit spacey.

The scroll wheel is essential to a modern mouse, and the one featured on the G602 performs really well for regular use, but tactile feedback is a bit on the weak side for gaming, and there is no adjusment mechanism to calibrate it for gaming. That said, the wheel is silent and smooth, and feels very accurate.

Describing the shape of the G602 is hard, but describing its feel is not. It simply feels great in your hands despite being a bit heavy, and heavily sculpted. You can actually alter your grip in quite a few ways. Button location is paramount for good RPG and RTS performance, and I think Logitech nailed it. You have to get used to the fact that the six thumb buttons feel the same, but once you have acclimatized yourself, you are never in doubt as to what button is being pushed.
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