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Logitech G602 Wireless Gaming Mouse Review

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Logitech has given their gaming-gear lineup a major overhaul, and today, we get to take a look at a brand-new wireless gaming mouse dubbed the G602. The G602 is a departure from the G500 in terms of design and specifications. Logitech's new design direction is extremely interesting: the G602 features no less than twelve buttons and a gaming-grade infrared optical sensor with 2500 DPI. This should ensure good battery life and sufficient tracking precision for most users, and here we agree that 2500 DPI is enough for gaming on even a WQHD monitor. Where the old G700 wireless gaming mouse was basically a G5 with a rechargeable battery compartment, the G602 bears little to no resemblance with any current Logitech gaming mouse. Like most Logitech mice, this one is only for right-handed gamers, but if it is a huge success, it might spin off into a left-handed version as well.


  • Resolution: 2500 DPI adjustable in 250 DPI increments
  • Maximum acceleration: >20G
  • Maximum speed: 2 m/s ~ 80 IPS
  • Battery life: 250 hours (Performance Mode) - 1440 hours (Endurance Mode)
  • Button life: 20 million clicks
  • Feet durability: 250 km
  • Weight: 107g dry, 130g with on AA battery in, 153g with two batteries (with the Duracell batteries supplied with the mouse)
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