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Microsoft Pro IntelliMouse Review

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Packaging is very plain and simple for the Pro IntelliMouse, and I personally much prefer this to flashy things. With just a few things printed on, it is elegant and minimalist. The insides feature some thick cardboard padding for the mouse, so naturally, it shouldn't suffer any damages during shipping. Once opened, you have the mouse itself, a quick-start guide, and a warranty booklet—the latter two are in Chinese only since the mouse has not yet hit the western market.


Enormous. Iconic. Legendary. The shape that inspired them all. Most classic right-handed ergonomic shapes have pretty much copied the IntelliMouse Explorer 3.0 with a few slight changes, but they all originate from the IE3.0. It's a large mouse with a high profile built for palm gripping (even though grip style is a matter of personal preference, and the mouse can be used however you like).

There are some well-defined, rather aggressive grooves and curves. The whole left side is curved inward both horizontally and vertically to help maintain a stable grip when picking up the mouse. The right slide is slanted, and there is a slightly curved part that can act as a ring finger rest. Both main buttons feature slight comfort grooves.

Let's move on to the measurements: the Pro IntelliMouse is 132 mm (5.19") long, which is well above average for gaming mice. The total width is 69 mm (2.72"), but depending on your grip style, the actual width at which it is gripped is approximately 62 mm (2.44"). The total height is 43 mm (1.69"), and the hump is centered. With these dimensions, I would mainly recommend this mouse to palm grippers with hands bigger than 18 cm. However, it can work with smaller hands and different grip styles as well—it's all intuitive, these are just guidelines.

Here are some extra pictures of the mouse:


Here are some shape/size comparisons with other mice:

Razer DeathAdder

Nixeus REVEL Fit

Logitech G603

CM MasterMouse MM530
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