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Mionix Castor Review

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Mionix is well known for their gaming gear, and today, we take a good and hard look at their newest right-handed gaming mouse called the Castor. Size-wise, this mouse slots in under the Mionix Naos design, but is still a right-handed model only. It is slightly shorter and somewhat fatter than its main rival in the Mionix lineup—namely, the Avior which has been a reference mouse for a long time.

Mionix claims the new design to be good for all types of grip, right from from a claw- and on to a palm-type grip. We take it for a spin to find out whether the design is a true do-it-all in terms of ergonomics and whether the new 10000 DPI sensor without angle snapping is as good as claims make it out to be.


  • 10000 DPI IR LED sensor
  • 5 programmable buttons plus scroll wheel
  • Rubberized surface
  • Rubber thumb patch
  • Comprehensive driver suite
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