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DFI Lanparty Freezer Review

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First of all we would like to thank Mips-Computer for supplying us with the reviewed cooler.

Next, we want to give you an overview of the Freezer Series.

Freezer Series for Athlon 64 (SLI) Boards

  • MSI K8N Neo4/Diamond (SLI)

  • Asus A8N (SLI)

  • DFI Lanparty nF4 (SLI)

The Freezer coolers are made from Copper and Brass. The Brass has a clear coat finish, for a nicer visual appearance.
They are the only available coolers which fit on an SLI system with 2x6800 Ultra/GT (with Innovatek NV40 or Alphacool NeXxos NVXP-2), or 2x6600 non-GT/GT (with flat cooler). On non-SLI systems the cooler should fit with any video card (except with VGA Silencer etc.).
Now you ask, why? The nForce4's stock cooler has to run rather fast to keep the chipset cool. This produces a relatively loud and annoying fan noise. Watercooling helps reduce this noise, because instead of that small loud fan you can use a slow-turning 120mm fan.
This also gives a temperature advantage, which increases the lifespan of the nForce4 chipset, more on this later.

Mips-Computer is the distributor of the cooler and told us that the cooler is manufactured by another german company. This cooperation has already led to a few other coolers and more will follow.
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