MonsterLabo The First Review - Making a Passive Gaming Rig Possible 14

MonsterLabo The First Review - Making a Passive Gaming Rig Possible

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I would like to thank MonsterLabo for supplying the review sample.

MonsterLabo is trying to achieve something that is a bit of a myth: to run gaming hardware passively. Instead of going big and offering a huge heatsink in hopes of achieving thermal supremacy, The First actually goes as compact as possible, which makes it quite the unique case. Made up of four former Calyos employees who were involved in the NSG, a fully passive system proof-of-concept that made the rounds at trade shows a few years back, their brain child, the MonsterLabo The First, has been designed independently from the ground up and comes in three color options: anodized black, painted black, or painted white.

As many parts as possible are manufactured locally in Belgium. An exception is the heatsink, which comes from China, while some other parts are finalized in France. The cases are then assembled by hand in France and shipped around the world. MonsterLabo tries to be efficient and not waste parts or packaging. The First is manufactured in small batches and hand assembled, which makes it a little pricier than any mass-market chassis but allows for a type of customer service you would rarely find otherwise. That is why, unlike most other brands, they don't simply throw out everything but hand-build a product that can be repaired and upgraded, which is why you see them openly sell B-grade as well. Safe the planet, everyone!


MonsterLabo The First
Case Type:SFF ITX
Material:Steel, aluminium
Weight:8.5 kg
Drive Bays:1x Internal 3.5"
2x Internal 2.5"
Form Factors:
Dimensions:215 x 205 x 410 mm
Front Door/Cover:N/A
Front Fans:N/A
Rear Fans:N/A
Top Fans:1x 140 mm (via optional top-hat accessory)
Bottom Fans:1x 140 mm (optional)
Side Fans:N/A
I/O:2x USB 3.0
1x Headphone
1x Microphone
Fan/LED Controller:N/A
Compatibility:CPU Cooling: 100 W (passive)/120 W (active)
GPU: 270 mm, 120 W (passive)/180 W (active)
PSU: SFX/SFX-L (with case fan) or ATX (passive only)
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