Montech Air 1000 Lite Review 5

Montech Air 1000 Lite Review


Value and Conclusion

  • The Montech Air 1000 Lite has an MSRP of US$69.99 excl. taxes in the US, post-tariff. You will have to shell out a few dollars more for the white one with a price tag of $72.99.
  • Excellent pricing
  • Clean and functional chassis
  • Fine steel mesh front
  • Fine pull-up dust filter in the front
  • Three retail-grade fans included
  • Can easily hold a 280 mm AIO in the ceiling without it interfering with the motherboard
  • Front capable of 280/360 mm radiator
  • Unique-looking top, magnetic dust filter
  • Total of five Velcro strips for cable management included
  • Dedicated LED switch and cable while retaining reset button
  • Can hold up to six hard drives
  • Grommets on main cable-routing holes
  • Expansion slot covers reusable
  • Hinged, clean glass panel
  • Pull tab and magnets for glass panel
  • Available in all-black or all-white
  • Front steel cover could use a thin, separating layer as an anti-vibration measure
  • USB 2.0 really not needed
  • Moving cage towards the front of the case reduces maximum for radiator to 280 mm
  • Fans are not the quietest in idle
The Montech Air 1000 Lite brings together a lot of the things customers want in a case, but have to compromise for when on a budget. While other cases may hit the same price point as the Montech Air 1000 Lite, some corners are cut in the functionality or design to do so.

However, Looking at the Montech Air 1000 Lite, it quite literally has everything essential. From grommets, reusable expansion-slot covers, and magnetic dust filters, including a pull out one underneath the case, everything is present, whereas other brands skip or simplify these for a chassis of this price range. But even so, the Air 1000 Lite goes beyond the basics with a metal front panel, cool pull-up dust filter, Velcro strips, three fans out of the box and a clean, hinged, pull-tab-equipped window topped off with a nifty-looking magnetic filter. It all is simply there.

Lastly, from a layout perspective, you are able to fit six hard drives and dual radiators, while allowing for clean cable-routing. Montech even made sure the Air 1000 Lite has a separate button for LED control, and provides a cable for it as well. While the fans may not be the quietest, even entry level motherboards allow for adjustment here, making for an easy fix. That really just leaves very minor inconveniences, like the aging USB 2.0 port or lack of anti-vibration measure on the steel front cover.

In other words, the Montech Air 1000 Lite is nearly the perfect budget case to go for, punching well above its weight.
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