Montech Fighter 400 Review 15

Montech Fighter 400 Review

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The Montech Fighter 400 ships in a brown box with a picture of the chassis on front. Interestingly enough, they mention acrylic on the package, but this case actually ships with a glass panel. In the rear is some marketing text and more mention of the acrylic. Looks like the upgrade to glass was a last minute change. Both sides of the box hold some additional information and an additional view of the Fighter 400.

Thin, but functional Styrofoam spacers hold the enclosure in place, with a plastic bag placed over the enclosure itself to protect it from scratches and fingerprints.


You will receive a set of black screws and bits along with a plug-in speaker, while a basic manual rounds things out. More useful would have been had Montech skipped the speaker and included a few good zip ties instead.
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