Movo VSM-7 Review - A Budget-Friendly Studio XLR Microphone 0

Movo VSM-7 Review - A Budget-Friendly Studio XLR Microphone

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Along with the excellent, affordable Movo UM700 USB microphone (reviewed here), Movo sent me the VSM-7 studio XLR condenser microphone and kindly asked to run it through its paces. Price-wise, coming in at $125, the VSM-7 is an obvious step-up from the $80 Movo UM700. That's hardly the only difference between them, though. While the UM700 is a USB microphone, the VSM-7 utilizes an analog 3-pin XLR connection, which is a standard connector for professional audio equipment. Having said that, an XLR microphone requires an audio interface to communicate with your PC. That opens up a lot of options in terms of gear pairings, as well as much more flexibility than you'd ever get from a USB microphone, although it obviously increases the overall cost of the setup since you need to buy an additional device to be able to use the microphone. Because of that, the Movo VSM-7 is intended for more demanding users, such as (semi)professional streamers, podcasters, and musicians. If you don't already own an audio interface or ever plan to buy one, you're better off with a USB microphone, such as the aforementioned Movo UM700, because of its unparalleled convenience.

Similar to the Movo UM700, the VSM-7 is in its essence a large-diaphragm condenser microphone. Its chunky 34-millimeter diaphragm offers three different polar patterns, cardioid, bi-directional, and omnidirectional, greatly adding to the versatility of the microphone. It is factory-equipped with a shock mount, pop filter, and integrated low-cut filter, which can be toggled on and off with a switch. Movo even threw in an XLR cable, so the audio interface is the only "accessory" you'll have to buy on your own. Well, that and a decent monitor boom arm as the VSM-7 isn't supplied with a table stand, nor is it supposed to be used with one. Read on to find out what it has to offer in terms of features and performance, and if it can be declared as another one of Movo's budget stars.


Movo VSM-7
Diaphragm34 mm (1.3") condenser
Polar PatternsCardioid, omnidirectional, and bi-directional
Frequency Response (specified by the manufacturer) 20–20,000 Hz
Connectors3-pin XLR input
ExtrasShock-mount, pop filter, 0 dB and -10 dB pad switch, 150 Hz low-cut filter switch
Cables3 m XLR
Dimensions and Weight206x114x185 mm, 812 g
Power24 or 48 V phantom
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